SSB Conference 2018

Attention! Registration is closed!

On behalf of the Society of Systematic Biologists, the local organizing committee (Megan Smith, Tara Pelletier, Laura Kubatko, Meg Daly, Bryan Carstens) would like to invite you to attend the third in a series of standalone meetings. Following on the success of the 2015 meeting meeting in Ann Arbor and the 2017 meeting in Baton Rouge, we'd like to invite you to visit Columbus, OH during June 1-4 of 2018.

Schedule Overview

  • Friday, June 1: Workshops and Opening Reception
  • Saturday, June 2: Lightning Talks, SSB Forums, Meeting Social
  • Sunday, June 3: Lightning Talks, SSB Forums
  • Monday, June 4: Workshops

A more detailed schedule can be found on our schedule page.

The Society of Systematic Biologists advances the science of systematic biology in all its aspects of theory, principles, methodology, and practice, for both living and fossil organisms, with emphasis on areas of common interest to all systematic biologists regardless of individual specialization.