Registration desk will be open from 2:00 – 6:00 on Friday and 8:00 – 11:00 on Saturday in the lobby outside of Jennings 001. All attendees should visit the registration desk to pick up a registration packet and program.

Schedule (Calendar Version) [pdf]

Friday, June 1

Afternoon Workshops (1:00 PM)

  • Communicating Science with Photography: Led by plant systematist and photographer Andi Wolfe, enrollees will learn techniques for effective use of photographs for both a scientific and public audience. Bring your digital camera and be prepared to explore campus!
  • Posterior Predictive Simulation: Led by Anthony Barley, Lyndon Coghill, Noah Reid, and Bryan Carstens, this workshop will introduce enrollees to the use of posterior predictive simulation to assess the how well various evolutionary models fit their genetic data.
  • Random Forest and Predictive Phylogeography: Led by Anahi Espíndola and Tara Pelletier, this workshop will introduce enrollees to predictive modeling in phylogeography, including the application of machine learning and automated approaches.

Some funding for students and postdocs is available. Email meeting organizers prior to registration for details.

Opening night meetup (6:00 PM)

Saturday, June 2 (9:00 AM)

  • SSB Discussion: What are the barriers to revisionary/monographic work? (Meg Daly, Felipe Zapata, Jason Bond, Holly Bik). Panelists and audience members will the challenges and possibilities of taxonomic work in the 21st century.
  • SSB ForumStrategies for engaging undergraduate researchers in systematic biology. Join Mike MooreChris Smith, and some select undergraduate researchers for a discussion about how to attract, engage, and support undergraduate systematic biologists.
  • SSB Forum: Data Standards and Community Resources Discussion: Mark Miller from CIPRES (Cyberinfrastructure for Phylogenetic Research), Daisie Huang from Dryad, and Melissa DeBiasse will be on hand to discuss cyberinfrastructure and data standards, to and solicit comments and suggestions from the audience.
  • Lightning Talks: Meeting attendees will present Lightning Talks (5 minutes) about their latest research.

Social at the Museum of Biological Diversity: Join us at the OSU Museum for a laid back social and poster session.

Sunday, June 3 (9:00 AM)

  • SSB Discussion: Model-based inference vs. data mining/machine learning techniques (Laura Kubatko, Cécile Ané, Joe Rusinko). Panelists and audience members will discuss contrasting approaches to data analysis.
  • SSB Forum: Sage advice from former Editors-in-Chief. Former EiCs of Systematic Biology, including Jack Sullivan, Ron DeBry, and Andy Anderson will offer insider advice and take questions from the audience about how to maximize the probability that your submission will be accepted in Systematic Biology.
  • Systematics Funding Conversation: Program officers from the Systematics and Biodiversity Science Cluster at the National Science Foundation will be on hand to share information about the changing funding landscape at NSF and to take questions from the audience.
  • Lightning Talks: Meeting attendees will present Lightning Talks (5 minutes) about their latest research.

Monday, June 4

Morning Workshops (9:00 AM)

  • Monography and Species Description: Led by Meg Daly, this workshop will provide enrollees with detailed guidelines for species description and monography.
  • Species Trees: Led by Laura Kubatko and Lacey Knowles, this workshop will introduce participants to the theory and practice of estimating phylogenetic relationships using species trees.
  • Comparative Phylogeography: Led by Jaime Oaks, this workshop will introduce Ecoevolity: a full Bayesian approach to comparative phylogeography from genomic data. Participants will be introduced to some of the theory underlying the method, and learn how to set up and run analyses on provided data to test for temporally clustered divergences or demographic changes across taxa.