Faculty Awards - University

ASC Diversity Enhancement Faculty Award: Recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of any faculty member or team of faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences whose research, teaching and/or service/outreach activities promote diversity and support a culture that embraces and exhibits inclusive excellence, community, and openness.
Past recipients: Maria Miriti (2019), Zakee Sabree (2018).

ASC Distinguished College Professor Appointment: Honors full professor colleagues who have excelled in teaching, service, and research/creative activity, and whose work has demonstrated significant impact on their fields, students, college and university, and/or the public.
Past recipients: Allison Snow (2017).

ASC Harlan Hatcher Arts and Sciences Distinguished Faculty Award: Recognizes a full professor who has a truly exceptional record in teaching, research, and service.
Past recipients: Allison Snow (2015), Roy Stein (2004).

ASC Honors Faculty Service Award: Recognizes excellence in honors advising, honors instruction, honors committee work, and other honors initiatives and responsibilities which have enhanced the quality of education available to honors students in the liberal arts.
Past recipients: Dave Stetson (2012), Peter Curtis (2004).

ASC Susan M. Hartmann Mentoring and Leadership Award: Presented annually to a faculty member, regular staff member or student from within The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences who has demonstrated outstanding mentoring to and/or leadership on behalf of women or other historically underrepresented groups at the university. 

CGS James M. Siddens Award for Distinguished Faculty Advising: Recognizes those faculty who exemplify the best in graduate student advising at Ohio State. The only award of its kind on campus, this award is given annually each spring to one member of the graduate faculty.
Past recipients: Ralph Boerner (2007).

Distinguished University Professor: The Office of Academic Affairs awards the permanent, honorific title of Distinguished University Professor on a competitive basis to full professors who have truly exceptional records in teaching, in research, scholarly or creative work, and in service.
Past recipients: Dave Denlinger (2005).

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Faculty Mentor of the Year Award: Recognizes a faculty member who has engaged in exceptional mentoring of postdoctoral scholars. The recipient of this award must have demonstrated a desire to encourage and implemented practices such as enhancing networking and career planning skills, and will have made an active effort to help their postdoc(s) prioritize professional development, work towards future career goals or create career plans.

Office of Research Distinguished Scholar Award: Among the highest annual honors The Ohio State University bestows on a faculty member in recognition of outstanding scholarly activity, research or creative works.
Past recipients: Lisle Gibbs (2019), Allison Snow (2001).

OSU-Lima Faculty Award for Sustained Student Mentorship: Monetary award for excellence in undergraduate research mentorship over the last 5 or more years.
Past recipients: Jackie Augustine (2011).

OSU-Newark Faculty Service Award: Recognizes outstanding contributions in the area of service by members of the Ohio State Newark faculty. Two awards are given annually, one for tenured faculty and one for pre-tenure faculty.
Past recipients: John Hunter (2011).

President and Provost's Award for Distinguished Faculty Service: Recognizes up to three tenure-track, clinical, or research faculty members who have been at Ohio State for at least five years.  Their contributions to the development and implementation of university policies and programs, through non-administrative roles, have been extensive and have made documentable impact on the quality of  the university.
Past recipients: Meg Daly (2020).