Zoology Minor Program

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The zoology minor requires a minimum of 14 semester hours.  The core courses, totaling 11 hours, are EEOB 3310.01 or 3310.02 (Evolution), EEOB 3410 (Ecology), and Molecular Genetics 4500 (General Genetics).   An additional 3 hours must be obtained by taking one of the following:  EEOB 2510 (Human Anatomy), EEOB 3320 (Organismal Diversity), EEOB 4510 (Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy), or EEOB 4520 (Comparative Physiology).

The required prerequisite/supporting courses in the zoology minor are BIOLOGY 1113 and 1114 (Introductory Biology) and CHEM 1210 (General Chemistry).  The credit hours in these courses do not count in the minor itself.