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Undergraduate Research Lab (UResearch) People Directory

UResearch Faculty

Director, Zeynep Benderlioglu, Ph. D.
Email: u-research@osu.edu; Phone:614 292 5965
Office: Biological Sciences Green House, 332 W. 12th Avenue, Room 717, Columbus, OH 43210

UResearch Students

  • Natalie Sebunia, Zoology major with a minor in Geographic Information Sciences
  • Erin Murray, Zoology major with a minor in Human-Animal Interactions
  • Richdara Sok, Biology major with a minor in Developmental Psychology
  • Spencer Humbert, Evolution and Ecology major with a minor in Geographic Information  Science
  • Shevani Srinavasan, Evolution and Ecology major

U-Research Alumni

UResearch is proud to celebrate its 85 undergraduate researchers here who participated in the program since 2012. Some of these students’ independent research projects have been awarded a total of $67,328 in individual fellowships and grants producing numerous research theses with distinction and presentations in scientific forums. We wish our alumni success in their future endeavors!