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Teaching Awards - Faculty and Graduate Students

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching: Annually recognizes a maximum of ten faculty members for their teaching excellence. Nominations are submitted by students, faculty, and alumni.
Past recipients: Eric Juterbock (2002).

ASC Graduate Student Award for Teaching Excellence: Recognizes excellence in teaching by a graduate student in any instructional capacity, including instructor of record, recitation, or lab. Nominees must have served as a GTA for at least two semesters within the last two years.
Past recipients: Andrew Lybbert (2019).

ASC Outstanding Teaching Award: Recognizes a College of Arts and Sciences faculty member for excellence in teaching. Nominations are submitted by undergraduate students.

CLSE Outstanding TA Award: All Undergraduate, Graduate, or Contract TAs who have taught at least 2 semesters in Center for Life Sciences Education (CLSE) courses are eligible. The winning TA must have been employed at least one semester in the academic year of the award. Nomination letters are submitted in April by students, fellow TAs, course coordinators, and instructors.
Past recipients: Drew Spacht (2018), Corrie Pieterson (2015), Dave Sovic (2014), Samantha Herrmann (2013).

EEOB Outstanding GTA Award: Recognizes graduate students in the EEOB department for excellence in teaching. Award recipients receive $500.
Past recipients:
2019 - Mael Glon
2018 - Heather Glon
2017 - Ryan McCarthy
2016 - Rob Denton
2015 - Tony Fries
2104 - Brandon Sinn
2013 - Isaac Ligocki
2012 - Sarah Smiley
2011 - Jessica Hall, Erica Szeyller-Macolley
2010 - Alex Champagne
2009 - Lara Metrione
2008 - Agus Munoz Garcia, Kody Kuehnl

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award: Honors individuals who have demonstrated success in mentoring undergraduates in their research and/or creative inquiry endeavors. Nominations submitted by undergraduate students.
Past recipients: Zoe Almeida (2020), Ryan Norris (2020), Leah Weston (2020).

Graduate Associate Teaching Award: Ohio State’s highest recognition of the exceptional teaching provided by graduate students serving as Graduate Teaching Associates.
Past recipients: Kellen Callinger-Yoak (2015).

Provost's Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Lecturer: Annually recognizes a maximum of six lecturers, senior lecturers, or other associated faculty members for their teaching excellence.