Graduate Evolution & Ecology Student Organization (GEES)


GEES is an organization for the EEOB Graduate Students. Its representatives serve on EEOB faculty and college committees, and each officer has a vote on matters that potentially concern the EEOB graduate students. The purpose of GEES shall be (1) to promote the professional, educational and intellectual advancement of the EEOB graduate students, (2) to provide a mechanism for students to express and address their concerns about the programs and policies of the EEOB Department, and (3) to provide a forum that will encourage the interaction between students of the multiple disciplines within the EEOB Department.

GEES Bylaws

GEES Resources

GEES Professional Development Grant
To cover any career development expenses you would otherwise pay out-of-pocket: conferences, workshops, trainings, publication fees. Must be within current OSU travel guidelines.

GEES Events

GEES meets monthly for a business meeting and happy hour. In addition, GEES hosts several annual events. Our Darwin Talks have allowed graduate students to showcase their work at departmental seminars for over 30 years. For the past two years, the GEES Invited Speaker has presented a public seminar. Past speakers include Aaron Ellison (Harvard Forest) and John Hutchinson (Royal Veterinary College, University of London), and we look forward to hosting Alex Wild (University of Texas) for an upcoming talk. GEES also holds several social events each year, including a Spring BioBlitz, a Fall Campout, and the EEOB Holiday Party and Auction.

Officers (2020-2021)

EEOB graduate students contribute to GEES through elected positions. Several positions provide opportunities to serve alongside faculty on departmental committees.


President: Jamin Wieringa
Secretary/Treasurer: Kali Mattingly
Facilitator: Elizabeth Reagan
Fundraising Chair: Chelsea Wright
Graduate Studies Committee Representative: Kevin Kong, Macie Benincasa
Graduate Admissions Committee Representative: Leah Weston
Advisory Committee Representative: James Feller, Dylan Poorboy
Curriculum Committee Representative: Paige Fabre
Diversity Committee Representatives: Alexandra Cabanelas Bermudez, Lyndsie Collis
Seminar Committee Representatives: Bridget Brown, Drew Duckett 
Social Committee Representative: Ian Brackett
Awards Committee Representative: Flavia Mol Lanna
Communication Committee Representative: Sydney Decker
Council of Graduate Studies Representative: Mary Sagatelova
Museum of Biological Diversity Committee Representative: Danielle Parsons
E&E Club Representative: Colin Sweeney


Other University Resources Include:

College of Arts and Sciences Office of Recruitment and Diversity Services

is a service office which partners with departments, centers, student organizations, and university units to ensure a supportive and thriving intellectual environment for diverse populations of students as they pursue advanced degrees. 

Council of Graduate Students

is an official branch of student government representing all graduate students across the university, addressing issues which directly affect them, and working to continually improve the graduate experience here.