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Faculty Awards - Professional Societies

AAAS Honorary Fellows:
Bryan Carstens
Peter Curtis
John Freudenstein
Lisle Gibbs
Norm Johnson
Laura Kubatko
Allison Snow

American Fisheries Society

Award of Excellence: Presented to a living AFS member for original and/or outstanding contributions to fisheries and aquatic biology. 

Fellows Program: AFS designates as Fellows of the Society certain members who have made outstanding or meritorious contributions to the diversity of fields that are included in the American Fisheries Society.

Carl R. Sullivan Fishery Conservation Award: Presented to an individual or organization for outstanding contributions to the conservation of fishery resources.

William E. Ricker Resource Conservation Award: Presented to any entity (individual, group, agency, or company) for accomplishment or activity that advances aquatic resource conservation that is significant at a national or international level.

American Geophysical Union

Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring: Presented annually to a mid-career woman scientist in recognition for significant contributions as a role model and mentor for the next generation of biogeoscientists.

Thomas Hilker Early Career Award: Given annually in recognition of unusually creative work by an early career scientist that advances scientific understanding of biogeosciences. 

American Ornithological Society

Elliott Coues Award: Given annually to recognize outstanding and innovative contributions to ornithological research.

Loye and Alden Miller Research Award: Given annually for lifetime achievement in ornithological research.

Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award: Given annually to honor extraordinary scientific contributions to the conservation of birds and their habitats.

James G. Cooper Early Professional Award: Given annually to recognize outstanding and promising work by researchers early their careers in any field of ornithology.

Ned K. Johnson Early Investigator Award: Given annually to recognize outstanding and promising work by a researcher early in her or his career in any field of ornithology.

American Society for Microbiology

ASM Award for Basic Research: Recognizes an outstanding scientist whose discoveries have been fundamental to advancing our understanding of the microbial world.

ASM Award for Early Career Environmental Research: Recognizes an early career investigator with distinguished research achievements that have improved our understanding of microbes in the environment, including aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric settings.

ASM Award for Environmental Research: Recognizes an outstanding scientist with distinguished research achievements that have improved our understanding of microbes in the environment, including aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric settings.

American Society of Mammalogists

Aldo Leopold Award: Awarded to a well-established individual who has made a lasting contribution to the conservation of mammals and their habitats. 

Joseph Grinnell Award: Honors individuals who have made outstanding and sustained contributions to education in mammalogy over a period of at least 10 years. 

C. Hart Merriam Award: Honors outstanding contributions to mammalogy through research, teaching, and service.

American Society of Plant Taxonomists

Asa Gray Award: Bestowed annually by the Society upon an individual for outstanding accomplishments pertinent to the goals of the Society.

Peter Raven Award: Given by the American Society of Plant Taxonomists to a plant systematist who has made exceptional efforts at outreach to non-scientists.

Engagement and Excellence in Plant Systematics Education Award: Presented to an educator who has implemented or developed innovative resources for engaging students in plant systematics (broadly interpreted).

Animal Behavior Society

Distinguished Animal Behaviorist: Outstanding lifetime achievement in animal behavior.

Exemplar Award: Major long-term contribution to animal behavior.

Outstanding New Investigator: Outstanding contribution by a new investigator.

Quest Award: Outstanding seminal contribution.

Exceptional Service Award: Sustained service contributions to the Animal Behavior Society.

Penny Bernstein Distinguished Teaching Award: Recognizes a sustained record of excellent teaching of animal behavior in the classroom or informal education setting.

Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography

G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award: Presented annually to recognize excellence in any aspect of limnology or oceanography. 

A.C. Redfield Lifetime Achievement Award: Recognizes and honors major, long-term achievements in the fields of limnology and oceanography, including research, education and service to the community and society. 

Ruth Patrick Award: Honors outstanding research by a scientist in the application of basic aquatic science principles to the identification, analysis and/or solution of important environmental problems.

Ramón Margalef Award for Excellence in Education: Recognizes excellence in teaching and mentoring in the fields of limnology and oceanography. This award is targeted toward aquatic scientists at any stage in their careers and will be presented to the candidate who best exemplifies the highest standards of excellence in education. 

Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award: Honors an aquatic scientist, normally within 12 years of the completion of their terminal degree, for outstanding and balanced contributions to research, science training, and broader societal issues such as resource management, conservation, policy, and public education.

ASLO Fellows Program: Honors ASLO members who have advanced the aquatic sciences via their exceptional contributions to the benefit of the society and its publications, meetings, and other activities. 

Botanical Society of America

Distinguished Fellow of the Botanical Society of America: Awardees are chosen based on their outstanding contributions to the mission of our scientific Society. The committee identifies recipients who have demonstrated excellence in basic research, education, public policy, or who have provided exceptional service to the professional botanical community, or who may have made contributions to a combination of these categories.

Charles Edwin Bessey Teaching Award: Recognizes individuals whose work has impacted botanical education at a regional, national and/or international level.

Jeanette Siron Pelton Award: Given in recognition of sustained and creative contributions in plant morphology. 

BSA Emerging Leader Award: Given annually in recognition of creative and influential scholarship in any area of botany reflecting the breadth of BSA. Awardees will have produced outstanding scholarship and also demonstrated exceptional promise for future accomplishment. 

International Biogeography Society

Wallace Award: The Alfred Russel Wallace Award recognizes a lifetime of outstanding contributions by an eminent scholar in any subdiscipline of biogeography.

MacArthur and Wilson Award:  The award recognizes an individual for a notable, innovative contribution to biogeography.  It is targeted at comparatively early career investigators and has a guideline that recipients should have completed their PhD no more than 12 years before the deadline for nominations. 

Ecological Society of America

Eminent Ecologist Award: Given to a senior ecologist in recognition of an outstanding body of ecological work or of sustained ecological contributions of extraordinary merit.

Robert H. MacArthur Award: Given to an established ecologist in mid-career for meritorious contributions to ecology, in the expectation of continued outstanding ecological research and who generally are within 25 years from PhD.

Eugene P. Odum Award: Recognizes an ecologist for outstanding work in ecology education. 

Distinguished Service Citation: Given to recognize long and distinguished volunteer service to the ESA, to the larger scientific community, and to the larger purpose of ecology in the public welfare. 

Commitment to Human Diversity in Ecology Award: Recognizes long-standing contributions of an individual toward increasing the diversity of future ecologists through mentoring, teaching, or outreach.
Past recipients: Maria Miriti (2019)

Entomological Society of America

Fellows of the Entomological Society of America: Honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to entomology and thereby highlight their career accomplishments to inspire all entomologists.

ESA Founders' Memorial Award: Honors the legacy of a scientist who made contributions that had a significant impact on the field of entomology and brings attention to a current entomologist with outstanding credentials in a similar field who can present an informative and engaging lecture at the ESA Annual Meeting.

Nan-Yao Su Award for Innovation and Creativity in Entomology: Recognizes creative entomologists who have demonstrated the ability to find alternative solutions to problems that significantly impact entomology.

Early Career Innovation Award: Honors young professionals working within the field of entomology who have demonstrated innovation through contributions within any area of specialization (research, teaching, extension, product development, public service, etc.). Sponsored by BASF.

Recognition Award in Medical, Urban, & Veterinary Entomology: Recognizes and encourages outstanding research, teaching, outreach/extension and service contributions in the fields of medical, urban, and veterinary entomology. Sponsored by S.C. Johnson.

Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE) Lifetime Achievement Award in Entomology: Recognizes the career of an entomologist who has greatly contributed to the advancement or promotion of entomology and has been an inspiration to others. 

PBT Recognition Award in Insect Physiology, Biochemistry and Toxicology: Established in 1996 to recognize and encourage innovative research in the areas of insect physiology, biochemistry, and toxicology in the broad sense. The areas of research may include development, molecular biology, genetics, defense mechanisms, and other offshoots of physiology, biochemistry, and toxicology. Sponsored by ABT Inc

Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB) Thomas Say Award: Acknowledges significant and outstanding work in the fields of insect systematics, morphology, or evolution. "Insect" is defined here to include insect allies.

Mycological Society of America

Distinguished Mycologist Award: Awarded annually to an individual who has established an outstanding mycological career.

C.J. Alexopoulos Prize: Awarded annually to an outstanding mycologist early in their career.

Paleontological Society

Paleontological Society Medal: Awarded to a person whose eminence is based on advancement of knowledge in paleontology.

Schuchert Award: Made to a Member early in his or her career whose paleontological work reflects excellence and quality. 

Fellows of the Paleontological Society: Fellows are members of the Paleontological Society who have made significant contributions to paleontology through research, teaching, or service to the profession. 

Society for Conservation Biology

Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes individuals, groups or institutions for distinguished service in any field associated with conservation biology and whose work has furthered the mission of SCB.

The Edward T. LaRoe III Memorial Award: Given to an individual who has been a leader in translating principles of conservation biology into real-world conservation. Preference is given to employees of government agencies or individuals who have spent at least part of their career in public service.

The Early Career Conservationist Award: Honors achievements in conservation by professionals early in their careers (no more than 10 years since leaving school).

Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles

Meritorious Teaching Award: Recognizes superior effectiveness and mentoring of students in the area of herpetology.

Society for the Study of Evolution

Stephen Jay Gould Prize: Awarded annually by the Society for the Study of Evolution to recognize individuals whose sustained and exemplary efforts have advanced public understanding of evolutionary science and its importance in biology, education, and everyday life in the spirit of Stephen Jay Gould.

Theodosius Dobzhansky Prize: Awarded annually by the Society for the Study of Evolution to recognize the accomplishments and future promise of an outstanding young evolutionary biologist. 

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

George A. Bartholomew Award: Recognizes a young investigator for distinguished contributions to comparative physiology and biochemistry or to related fields of functional and integrative biology. 

M. Patricia Morse Award for Excellence and Innovation in Science Education: An annual award given to a SICB member at any career stage for significant achievement in science education

The Wildlife Society

Excellence in Wildlife Education Award: Celebrates sustained and exemplary teaching and contributions to the improvement of wildlife education by honoring individual faculty members. 

Aldo Leopold Memorial Award: For distinguished service to wildlife conservation. The basic selection criterion is the significance of an individual’s contribution(s) to the wildlife field. 

Caesar Kleberg Award: Recognizes those who have distinguished themselves in applied wildlife research and is focused on those whose body of work, in both inquiry and discovery, has resulted in application of management and conservation “on the ground.”

Diversity Award: Recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding efforts in promoting ethnic and gender diversity in the natural resource professions, especially wildlife conservation and education.