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Recent News

Soil microbiota and herbivory drive the assembly of tomato plant-associated microbial communities through different mechanisms

Antonino Malacrinò & Alison E. Bennett. Communications Biology…

Environmental warming increases the importance of high-turnover energy channels in stream food webs

James R Junker, Wyatt F Cross, James M Hood, Jonathan P Benstead, Alexander D Huryn, Daniel…

Trade-offs between Winter Survival and Reproduction in Female Insects

Megan E Meuti, Lydia R Fyie, Maria Fiorta, David L Denlinger. 2024. Integrative and Comparative Biology, icae027, https://doi.…

Hierarchically embedded scales of movement shape the social networks of vampire bats

C. Raven A. Hartman, Gerald S. Wilkinson, Imran Razik, Ian M. Hamilton, Elizabeth A. Hobson and Gerald G. Carter…