Evolution & Ecology Course Distinctions

From the Graduate Student Handbook, page 10:

Required Courses in EEOB Starting with the incoming cohort of students in Autumn 2017, each student is required to enroll in:
1. One full-semester course, or two half-semester courses, in scientific writing offered by EEOB faculty.
2. At least one graduate-level course in evolution and one graduate-level course in ecology (minimum of 3 credits each). Students should consult with their advisor to determine which courses are most appropriate, including at least one course that extends beyond the student’s specialized area ofresearch.

Number Course Credit Hours Evolution Ecology
EEOB5194 Evolutionary Ecology 3 credits X X
EEOB5310 Advanced Principles of Evolution 3 credits X  
EEOB5320 Society and Evolution: Differing Worldviews 3 credits X  
EEOB5330 Population Genetics & Phylogeography 3 credits X  
EEOB5420 Inland Waters 3 credits   X
EEOB5430 Fish Ecology 3 credits   X
EEOB5460 Population Ecology 3 credits   X
EEOB5470 Physiological Ecology 3 credits   X
EEOB5470 Community and Ecosystem Ecology 3 credits   X
EEOB5610 Translating Evolution (COSI) 3 credits X  
EEOB5798 Tropical Behavioral Ecology and Evolution 3 credits X X
EEOB6210 Ecotoxicology 3 credits   X
EEOB6330 Phylogenetic Theory & Methods 3 credits X  
EEOB7220 Modeling in Evolutionary Ecology: Computational Bootcamp 3 credits X X