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Other Awards

ASC Alumni Awards: Recognizes and honors some of our outstanding alumni whose accomplishments and service are tangible evidence of the growing distinction of arts and sciences alumni. Awards include: Distinguished Alumni Achievement; Young Alumni Achievement; and Alumni Distinguished Service.
Past recipients: P. Dee Boersma, OSU Zoology PhD ’74 (2019 Distinguished Alumni Achievement award).

Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Awards: The Office of Human Resources and the Senate Diversity Committee annually recognize diversity efforts at The Ohio State University. Faculty, staff, students, student organizations and alumni can nominate their colleagues to be selected as one of five recipients.
Past recipients: Joan Herbers (2009).

Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes individuals who have rendered exceptional service to the university. Awards are not made on the basis of long, faithful, or loyal service alone, but rather for service that is truly distinguished. Recipients of this award have provided a broad spectrum of services to the university in both official and unofficial capacities. Customarily, no faculty or staff member is recognized until at least one year after retirement.

University Outreach and Engagement Awards: Honor faculty, staff, students and community partners for outstanding achievement in producing engaged scholarship and community impact.

YWCA Women of Achievement Awards: Celebrates the outstanding contributions of women in Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover and Pender Counties, and raises essential funds to support all of YWCA’s mission-driven community programs.