EEOB Student Wellness

Proper Care and Feeding of Students…

“What is needed is a culture shift, especially in the upper echelons of the academic hierarchy. Mental health is something that needs to be addressed regularly by departments and administration, instead of just during first week orientation or after a tragic incident.” –Drew Spacht, EEOB Ph.D. Candidate
We agree! We encourage all of you to develop balance in your lives. Make time to connect with your fellow students and colleagues without a productivity goal. Make time to relax, nourish your body and mind with healthy foods and alternative activities. Remember to get plenty of regular sleep to rejuvenate yourselves as well. You are a student and learning is your job, and you can’t do your job well if you don’t take proper care of yourself.

Take a Break Lunches-Bring your own lunch to 422 Aronoff, 11:30-1 and join in the conversation. No agendas, no topics, just lunch companions. All year.

Vacation time and personal days

Vacations and personal days are important for your personal health and well-being, but you may feel like you are under too much pressure to take time away from your work.  You are welcome to schedule vacation days that do not conflict with your GTA or GRA responsibilities.  Also, it is often possible to take time off from time to time while working as a GTA or GRA by consulting with your supervisor and peers to arrange for a flexible work schedule.  You should also feel free to take advantage of various university-wide break times, which include:

Independence Day Weekend: July 3-5 (2020)
Summer break: July 30-August 21 (2020) 
Labor Day weekend: September 5-7 (2020)
Autumn break: October 10-11 (2019)
Veteran's Day: November 11 (2019)
Thanksgiving break: November 27-29 (2019)
Winter holiday break: December 24-January 1
Martin Luther King Day: Monday, January 20 (2020)
Spring break: March 9-13 (2020)


GEES and E&E club camped at Lamping Homestead Recreation Center for the BioBlitz with Keep Wayne Wild

Email Holidays

Some departments in Arts and Sciences have begun implementing a policy of email holidays, which are dates in the academic year when you should not feel obligated to be “on call”, and when you could enjoy a break from your research, teaching, and courses.  These dates could include those listed above.

An email holiday is a period during which you are not obliged to respond to email. More than that, we encourage you not to do so. The webpage at contains information on how you can set an automatic out-of-office reply so that any email you receive during that time will be acknowledged and the sender will be told not to expect a prompt reply.

We recognize this exact timing may not work for everyone, but the goal is to establish some times that you can feel comfortable making plans and taking leave from work. If you need to submit grades or complete other work required by your employment during this time, please communicate with your advisor to find a substitute week where you can feel like you are free to not work or check your emails.  When you have vacations planned at other times, you should feel free to use the out-of-office reply then as well.

Moving forward

During the coming academic year, we would like to open this discussion much further to include topics like faculty mentoring, peer support groups, access to a variety of wellness resources, access to mental health professionals, time management skills, and other wellness topics. We need and want to do more to help all of our students and we recognize some of you may be feeling overwhelmed or discouraged and unsure where to turn. We want you to seek help when you need it. If you ever feel you require emergency mental health services go to: or call 614-292-5766 (for after hours emergency service, please use option #2).

Some Additional Health and Wellness Resources found at the University

Counseling and Consultation Services:
Psychological Services Center:
Wilce Student Health Services:
Student Wellness Center:
Ohio Union Activities Board:
Student Advocacy Center:
Suicide Prevention Program:, 800-273-8255
Student Wellness Center LGBTQ Resource List:

Reporting Resources

Campus Police:, 614-292-2121
Columbus Police Department Sexual Assault Unit: 614-645-4701
Title IX:
Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART):
Office of Disability Services:
Request a Safe Ride:, 614-292-3322