Proposal Approval


Masters Research Proposal

jen olsen

All Plan A Master’s students must submit a proposal outlining their thesis research. The student’s Thesis Committee must approve this proposal.  Students in Plan A programs should submit a preliminary research proposal to their Committee by the end of their second semester.  The length and content should be decided on in discussion with the Thesis Committee, but would normally include an explanation of the problem being addressed, a literature review, a methods section, preliminary data if available, a discussion of appropriate data analyses, and a description of possible results and their interpretation.  A timetable also should be included. Final approval of the research proposal should be obtained by the end of the third semester in residence.

Upon approval of the research proposal, the student must submit an EEOB Department Research Proposal Approval Form, signed by all members of the Committee, to the Graduate Studies Committee Chair.  This form may be obtained here.  A copy of this form must be given to the Graduate Secretary to be added to the student’s file.  The Chair of GSC will not sign the application to graduate Form until a Proposal Approval has been completed and signed, even if all research has been completed and the student is otherwise ready for the Final Examination.  

PhD Research Proposal

The Research Proposal requirement for the PhD program is met by successfully completing the Candidacy Examination.  See pages 14-16 of the EEOB Graduate Handbook for details.  A copy of the Candidacy Examination Report, which must be sent to the chair of the GSC, serves as notice that the student’s research proposal has been approved. Students that choose to use an alternative candidacy exam format should notify the Chair of the GSC that their proposal has been approved.