5 MBD Researchers in the News

April 25, 2016
EEOB graphic 2016

Five EEOB Researchers from the Museum of Biological Diversity, including Norm Johnson, Marc Kibbey, Hans Klompen, Tod Stuessy, and Tom Watters, were interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch about their favorite specimens.

Tom Watters in the News

April 25, 2016
Tom Watters, EEOB's Curator of Molluscs at Ohio State University’s Museum of Biological Diversity was interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch about mussels in the Darby Watershed.

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Update from the OSU Acarology Program

April 18, 2016

Members of the OSU Acarology Program are preparing for the upcoming II Latin-American Congress of Acarology. Sam Bolton and Hans Klompen are main speakers and, as president, Jose Orlando Combita-Heredia is organizing the event.

Update from the Adams Lab

April 8, 2016

Cody Cardenas, an undergraduate in Rachelle Adams' lab, has been awarded the 2016 URO Summer Research Fellowship to work on a taxonomy project.