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Carol Landry

Carol Landry

Carol Landry

Associate Professor, OSU at Mansfield



399 Ovalwood
1760 University Dr.
Mansfield OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Plant breeding system evolution
  • Coastal plant communities
  • Pollination networks


  • Ph.D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan (2005)

I am a plant reproductive ecologist interested in the factors involved in maintaining biodiversity in coastal plant communities in The Bahamas. My research program is focused on pollination networks, which describe the web of interactions between plants and pollinators in a community. Pollination networks can be used as a framework to investigate questions concerning the maintenance of biodiversity; I am particularly interested in: 1) the relationships between island size, network size and network resiliency to hurricane disturbance; and 2) the effect of adjacent communities on network resiliency following disturbance. Little is known about the ecology and life history characteristics of most of the plant and insect pollinator species found in these communities. We are also studying the reproductive ecologies of species that are important to the network and investigating potential indirect interactions that are described by the networks.


Students interested in working in this system should contact me at landry.26@osu.edu