2017 GEES BioBlitz

March 21, 2017
Join EEOB graduate students, faculty and staff, and local community volunteers for this outreach project and fundraiser!
The Graduate Evolution Ecology Students (GEES) organization is sponsoring a BioBlitz at the Columbus Recreation and Parks, McKnight Outdoor Education Center. The Outdoor Education Program provides environmental education and outdoor recreation for residents and surrounding communities of Columbus. Their programing includes summer camps, nature and adventure scout programs, and after school education.
Our service project aims to provide taxonomic information on the local flora and fauna surrounding the area, which will enrich the outdoor education programming. The funds that are raised will be used to purchase educational signage for outdoor learning spaces.
The BioBlitz starts at 10am (or 7am if you want to get in on some good birding). See the attached flyer for more details!
If you would like to make a pledge, please contact Naava (honer.4@osu.edu). All donations are tax deductible. We are asking for pledges based on the number of species that we find during the BioBlitz. For example, if you pledge 25 cents per species found on the day of the BioBlitz and 100 species were documented then you would donate $25.00. You may also cap your donation at a specified amount.


Saturday, March 25 @ McKnight Outdoor Education Center
3200 Indian Village Rd, Columbus, OH 43221
(rain date, April 8th)