EEOB5930 Biology of Fishes

July 23, 2018
SL Asst Mgr Kevin Hart students Harrison Freid Emily Krohn Ross in front of taxi boat and Perrys Monument.JPG

Students in the EEOB 5930 Biology of Fishes at Stone Lab learned about the anatomy, taxonomy, physiology, phylogeny, and behavior of the entire class of fishes (lancelets to ocean sunfish) from SENR professor Dr.

REU Poster Presentation 7/20/18

July 18, 2018

Please join us on Friday, July 20 from 2-4 pm in Aronoff 104 for poster presentations by the EEOB REU students. They have done fantastic work in their short time here!

Greg Lipps in Toledo Blade

June 27, 2018
american toad

Greg Lipps, a Program manager in EEOB and the Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Coordinator for the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership, discussed vernal pools with the Toledo Blade.

New paper from Orlando Combita Heredia

June 18, 2018
combita heredia
EEOB graduate student, Orlando Combita Heredia, published a new paper in Systematic & Applied Acarology. It is entitled Ontogeny of Megalolaelaps colossus sp. nov.