EEOB5930 Biology of Fishes

July 23, 2018
SL Asst Mgr Kevin Hart students Harrison Freid Emily Krohn Ross in front of taxi boat and Perrys Monument.JPG

Students in the EEOB 5930 Biology of Fishes at Stone Lab learned about the anatomy, taxonomy, physiology, phylogeny, and behavior of the entire class of fishes (lancelets to ocean sunfish) from SENR professor Dr. Suzanne Gray and EEOB MBD Associate Curator of the Fish Collection, Marc Kibbey. 

Activities took place in the fish laboratory and on the electroshocking boat where students caught smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bullhead catfish, carp, redhorse suckers, and just missed a gar.

The class also seined in the Sandusky River, Cold creek just downstream from the ODNR Castalia trout hatchery, Castalia Blue Hole (where they caught State Endangered western banded killifish), Terwilliger's Pond (a shallow pond on South Bass Island with a natural inlet from Lake Erie), the Alligator Bar (a gravel and sand spit extending out into Put-in-Bay), and shorelines next to the docks off Gibraltar Island.

Brian Zimmerman, Andy Nagy and Josh Hug assisted with sampling at three mainland sites, including bringing an electroshocking boat to East Harbor to search for the State Endangered spotted gar!

Students pictured:
Harrison Fried, Sean Harris, Emily Krohn, Ross Schwartz and Connor Schwepe

EEOB 5930 Castalia Blue Hole

Brian Z Connor Schwepe Julie Andy Nagy Ross Schwartz Harrison Fried Sean Harrison at Cold Creek headwater trib

Connor, Emily, Sean seining on Alligator Bar

EEOB 5930 class in front of path to Terwilligers Pond

Harrison Connor Sean Ross and Emily in the Lab

northern water snake in tree Harrison Freid in background at Alligator Bar