Mael Glon describes 2 new species of crayfish

June 24, 2020

Mael Glon describes 2 new species of crayfish

Mael Glon

EEOB PhD Student, Mael Glon, has described a pair of very interesting crayfish species.

The Banded Mudbug is so named because of its bright orange bands. The scientific name, Lacunicambarus freudensteini, honors EEOB Professor and Chair, John Freudenstein. 

The Lonesome Gravedigger, Lacunicambarus mobilensis, lives in the vicinity of Mobile Bay and the city of Mobile. This crayfish is very closely related to the Rusty Gravedigger--a species described in the 1970s. Although the 2 species live only a few miles away from each other, it took some 40 years for the Lonesome Gravedigger to be described. Mael said, "I just thought it was kinda fun to imagine the Lonesome Gravedigger waiting around for its turn all by its lonesome." 
Both are very rare species, but the Banded Mudbug has a particularly small range and may need some conservation attention in the near future.

Banded Mudbug & Lonesome Gravedigger