Stu Ludsin and colleagues receive major NSF award

October 31, 2011

Dr. Stu Ludsin and his colleagues have received a major NSF award from the Coupled Human and Natural Systems Program.
Title:  Co-Evolution of Upstream Human Behavior and Downstream Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate
Jay Martin (OSU-Food, Agriculture, and Biological Engineering)
Elena Irwin (OSU-Agriculture, Environmental and Development Economics)
Robyn Wilson (OSU-School of Environment and Natural Resources)
Stuart Ludsin (OSU-Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology)
Eric Toman (OSU-School of Environment and Natural Resources)
Erik Nisbet (School of Communication)
Brian Roe (OSU-Agriculture, Environmental and Development Economics)
Carlo DeMarchi (Case Western Reserve University-Geology)
Sponsor: NSF – Coupled Human and Natural Systems Program (Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences)
Brief Description: Researchers will use the Maumee River watershed and western Lake Erie to model how public attitudes co-evolve with downstream ecosystem conditions and shape support for policies that affect agricultural management practices and how farmers respond to these policies.