Update from the AEL

April 4, 2016

If any undergraduates are interested in gaining research experience this summer, the AEL has a number of graduate students looking for volunteers to help with field work and sample processing. Volunteers will be added to the "AEL Volunteer Listserv" - which is the route used to advertise individual volunteer opportunities. Email Kim Winslow if you'd like to be added to this listserv, or if you have any additional questions!

Noel Aloysius and Jay Martin (FABE) concluded their collaborative research on “Informing Lake Erie Agriculture Nutrient Management via Scenario Evaluation” with the release of a report and press brief today Michigan Water Center. The press brief and the report are available here.

Noel Aloysius et al., published their work on evaluating IPCC’s 5th Assessment climate models in simulating regional precipitation and temperature over Central Africa.

Dr. Dave Glover and colleagues have been published in CJFAS