Updates from the Adams Lab

September 19, 2016
poster forum

The Adams' Lab had two undergraduate researchers present posters this past week at the Fall Undergraduate Student Poster Forum. Cody Cardenas presented a poster entitled, "A revisionary study of Trachymyrmex zeteki (Formicidae: Attini) and description of a new species, Trachymyrmex fovater sp. n.". Cody's work was supported by the OSU URO Summer Fellowship Research Grant and looks at morphological and molecular differences in ants, including the description of a new species. Mazie Davis presented her work on parasitic ant stinging behaviors in her poster, "To Sting or Not to Sting: When Social Parasites use their Venomous Weaponry". Mazie joined the Adams lab over the summer and will continue to study how parasitic venom effects ant behavior.