Engaging with Insects Bug Camp 2017

June 30, 2017
Cody Cardenas

Cody Cardenas, an EEOB Undergraduate student, is helping teach children at the Engaging with Insects Bug Camp 2017 with the Triplehorn Insect Collection and 4H, this week.

Update from the Goodell lab

June 26, 2017

1-The Bee Team is up to their elbows (or should I say, tarsi) in flowers this week, like this bumble bee in a Penstemon flower (attached photo). Watch for us out surveying bees on roadsides anywhere from Dayton to Mansfield to Logan, and in local Metro Parks.

Update from the Lanno Lab

June 26, 2017
heather fair
Heather Fair, a PhD student in Roman Lanno's lab was awarded a Knauss Fellowship. 
Congratulations, Heather!

Summer Acarology Program

June 26, 2017
Summer Acarology Program
The summer Acarology Program continues at the Museum of Biological Diversity and hosts folks from Chile, Brazil, Cololmbia, Costa Rica, Canada, Britain, India, and China. The Introductory Acarology course recently finished with 20 people.

Publications by EEOB faculty May 1 - May 31

May 30, 2017
EEOB graphic 2016

Evaluating local adaptation of a complex phenotype: reciprocal tests of pigmy rattlesnake venoms on treefrog prey

Smiley-Walters, S.A., Farrell, T.M. & Gibbs, H.L. Oecologia (2017).