Update from EEOB's Tropical Ecology class

May 23, 2016
trop ecol

The Tropical Ecology course is in full swing, and students have started adding blog posts and photos to the course website (and on Twitter, tagged with #OSUtropecol).  Keep up with the action at 

Updates from the AEL

May 23, 2016

The Aquatic Ecology Lab (AEL) has 3 undergraduate fellows this summer:

Update from the Lanno Lab

May 16, 2016
EEOB graphic 2016

Sarah Bowman, who recently earned her PhD in EEOB, accepted a permanent position as a Toxicologist with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality!

BIOPRESENCE: discovering animal life on campus

May 16, 2016
SP Oval

The BioPresence project has been encouraging a broad contingent of faculty, staff and students to take the time to listen to the animals that live around us and was featured in the