Birding Tour

April 22, 2015

The Ohio Birds course (EEOB 2220) led a birding tour this morning on OSU campus and saw 28 species!

SP15 UResearch newsletter released

April 16, 2015

The UResearch Spring 2015 Newsletter highlighting undergraduate research and outreach activities in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, & Organsimal Biology is now available!

EEOB Ohio Birds class leads bird count

April 16, 2015
Ohio Birds students

Have you ever wondered who chips and chirps in the bushes and trees on campus? Join students and instructors of the EEOB Ohio Birds class this Earth Day (4/22) to learn about birds on campus.

Andrea Wolfe and Laura Kubatko awarded NSF Grant

April 1, 2015
Kubatko & Wolfe

PI, Andrea Wolfe, Associate Professor of EEOB and co-PI, Laura Kubatko, Professor, Statistics & EEOB received a new three-year $758, 208 NSF Grant to test the adaptive radiation theory in Penstemon.