Zakee Sabree guest speaker at Lima South Science Technology

October 30, 2018

EEOB Associate Professor, Zakee Sabree, was guest speaker for Lima South Science Technology's Stardust Series. Dr. Sabree discussed his career and kicked off the William Fowler Science Series which focuses on Earth's symbiotic relationships this year.

Steam Factory hosts Lisle Gibbs

October 30, 2018
Lisle Gibbs at Steam Factory

The Ohio State University Steam Factory hosted EEOB professor Lisle Gibbs for Saturday with a Scholar. Be sure to follow the Steam Factory on Twitter and view more photos from the event.

PostDoctoral Position in Ant Venomics

September 4, 2018
Adams Lab
The Adams lab broadly aims to understand the evolution of traits that drive community assembly in ant-centric symbiotic species networks. This position focuses on comparative questions relating to venom evolution in Megalomyrmex ants.