Update from Rob Denton

July 3, 2017
EEOB graduate student, Rob Denton, was co-first author on a paper published in Genome Biology and Evolution that has gotten a bit of press lately.

Updates from Rich Bradley

July 3, 2017
rich bradley
Rich Bradley, EEOB Associate Professor Emeritus, will be attending the annual meeting of the American Arachnological Society which is meeting in Juriquilla, in the state of Querétaro, in north-central Mexico from 24-28 July 2017.

Publications by EEOB faculty June 1 - June 30

July 3, 2017
eeob 2016

Growth and fecundity of fertile Miscanthus × giganteus (“PowerCane”) compared to feral and ornamental Miscanthus sinensis in a common garden experiment: Implications for invasion.

Maria N. Miriti, Tahir Ibrahim, Destiny Palik, Catherine Bonin, Emily Heaton, Evans Mutegi, Allison A.

Update from the Chavez Lab

June 30, 2017
andreas Chavez
The Chavez Lab started field work in the North Cascades of Washington. They are studying hybridization in tree squirrels and trying to understand the role of ecology and behavioral divergence in the evolution of reproductive isolation.

Engaging with Insects Bug Camp 2017

June 30, 2017
Cody Cardenas

Cody Cardenas, an EEOB Undergraduate student, is helping teach children at the Engaging with Insects Bug Camp 2017 with the Triplehorn Insect Collection and 4H, this week.