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Diversity Resources in EEOB

Diversity Resources in EEOB

Diversity, It's Natural to Us

Diversity in nature attracts us. As organismal biologists, we recognize the value of diversity. Genetic diversity within populations increases their ability to persist in a changing world. Species diversity within communities increases their persistence and their inherent interest to us. Diversity within our ranks increases our ability to pursue professional interests and responsibilities now and in the future.  Rather than a foreign concept, diversity in all of its meanings appeals to us.  

As researchers, we recognize the value of diverse perspectives and backgrounds in identifying questions, designing research programs, and evaluating results. People with different experiences bring varied perspectives to a problem, which can promote more rigorous examination of hypotheses and generate more robust findings. As teachers, we know that diverse approaches, educational media, and examples of unifying concepts, improve student learning. We also recognize the limitations that any individual perspective or any individual educational pathway can place on personal and professional perspectives.  

We acknowledge that diversity in our ranks improves all aspects of our professional efforts. Promoting diversity among our faculty and staff fulfills our collective commitment to excellence. Promoting diversity among our students pays our commitment forward. Promoting diversity also helps meet our responsibilities to the larger society that supports us within a major, public university.

For these reasons, EEOB strives to create and maintain a welcoming climate for our faculty, staff, and students. We make this commitment to enhance our ability to understand the biological world and address problems and opportunities confronting society.