Becher presents at Ohio Catfish Summit

March 6, 2017

EEOB graduate student Corey Becher gave a presentation entitled "Understanding stocking success of juvenile channel catfish in Ohio reservoirs" at the Ohio Catfish Summit in Athens, OH. The event was sponsored by the ODNR-DOW.

Collis receives Marianna Russell Technology Grant

March 6, 2017

AEL grad student Lyndsie Collis received the Marianna Russell Technology Grant for technology-related professional development. This $1,000 award allowed her to attend a week-long course hosted by the OSU Trace Element Research Laboratory.

Updates from the Carstens Lab

February 27, 2017
carstens lab
1. Ariadna Morales was officially awarded a DDIG award titled: DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Does phenotypic evidence support ecological speciation in western long-eared Myotis bats?

Publications by EEOB faculty January 1 - January 31

January 28, 2017
eeob 2016

Two new Brazilian Parasitengona larvae: Callidosoma (Acari, Erythraeidae) parasite of Lepidoptera and Durenia (Acari, Trombellidae) parasite of Culicidae (Diptera), with keys to the species

Samuel Geremias Dos Santos Costa, Hans Klompen, Emili Bortolon Dos Santos, Mario Arthur Favretto